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Terence J. Costello is the founder of The Eagles Group, a strategic alliance of Washington DC and state business development and lobbying firms.  They represent innovative clients engaged in U.S. and international business ventures, defense and energy systems, environmental and health care technologies, law enforcement, mergers and acquisitions, and university research. 

Terry is a thirty-year veteran of the nationís capitol, having worked in the private sector, the Executive Branch, and on Capitol Hill.   

Before forming his firm ten years ago, he was a Republican professional staffer with the House Armed Services Committee seapower and procurement subcommittees. His major focus: naval ships, combat systems and weapons procurement, research and development, special warfare, petroleum reserves, defense-wide environmental cleanup, and the Energy Departmentís nuclear waste and weapons cleanup issues.  Earlier, he served as principal defense aide to the late Congressman Floyd Spence of South Carolina, who chaired the Armed Service Committee.   

Before going to Capitol Hill, he planned and oversaw nationwide communications programs as deputy public affairs director at the Interior Departmentís Bureau of Land Management and at the Office of Surface Mining.  Prior to that, he was an energy and minerals political analyst with the Washington-based investment firm of Edwards and Hanly, where he reported on legislation and regulations affecting the investment climate of domestic and foreign minerals companies.

Terry is a George Washington University graduate with a degree in Journalism.  He served with the U.S. Armyís 101st Airborne, and with the Army Reserves.


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