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While most companies have fully staffed sales and marketing teams, many do not have adequate coverage in government relations and find themselves unprepared in the face of unexpected and/or unfavorable legislation and public policy.

A Legislative/Executive Agent, often referred to as a ' lobbyist ', primarily functions as a liaison between government and business, while providing clients with the following important services:

Discrete Representation: For some clients, our representation is more discrete. We work with our clients behind the scenes in an effort to build community and legislative support regarding a particular issue, piece of legislation or public policy that may affect them.

Monitoring: Monitoring and early warning of potential government policy shifts affecting your business.

Communication: Providing your firm access to the key decision makers in government and the ability to translate your concerns regarding specific issues for their consideration.

Influence: The Malloy Group offers the ability to draft and file legislation and/or regulations when necessary and to follow them through the legislative process.

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Summary - Legislative

The Malloy Group provides monitoring and early warning of potentially negative trends in legislation, regulation and public policy and offers direct legislative and regulatory intervention. We will assist you to manage and coordinate the company's response to and involvement in the development of regulations more favorable to your concerns.

For over 60 years, on behalf of our clients, The Malloy Group has worked with clients to draft legislation and amendments and successfully lead them through the legislative process to become law; worked to defeat unfriendly legislation and amendments; and protected its clients' interests. We work with our clients when necessary to prepare them for public presentation, formal testimony and required research. We coordinate customized teams of professionals to offer cost-effective, and comprehensive representation on a local, national and international basis.

Don't let your firm get caught unprepared!



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